StackHawk Integration

Add StackHawk scan result checks to your Service Maturity rubric.

Add a StackHawk Integration

  1. In the OpsLevel app, Click Integrations in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the + New Integration button.
  3. Click the StackHawk tile to add the integration.

Create a Check

1. Navigate to the Rubrics sub menu under the Service Maturity menu in OpsLevel.

2. Hover over the cell that corresponds to the level and category you want your check to live in and click the + Add Check button.

3. Create a StackHawk check.

4. Select one of the Check Templates from the dropdown.

Each of these checks will pass or fail depending on the scan results that StackHawk reports. Here is an example of what you can expect if your repository failed the check from the first template. You can see that for each type of vulernability that is found we show details as well as the URL in StackHawk where you can learn more.

Configuring StackHawk to send data to OpsLevel

  1. In StackHawk, navigate to the Integrations tab
  2. Select the Generic Webhook integration at the very bottom of the list
  3. Select Add Webhook
  4. Give the Webhook a Name and Description
  5. Copy-and-paste your OpsLevel Webhook URL into the Webhook Endpoint Url input box provided
  6. Select Create and Test

The setup is now fully complete. Each time that a StackHawk scan completes, the results will be forwarded to OpsLevel! If you wish to learn more about StackHawk they have an excellent Getting Started Guide.