Grafana Integration

Add Grafana alert checks to your Service Maturity rubric.

Setup OpsLevel as a Contact Point

1. In Grafana go to Alerting -> Contact Points

2. Click “New contact point”

3. Select Alertmanager Grafana, Name: OpsLevel, Contact Point Type: webhook, URL: From OpsLevel Grafana integration page, and ensure Disable resolved message is not checked

4. Save the contact point

Add OpsLevel on a notification policy

1. In Grafana go to Alerting -> Notification policies

2. Either add OpsLevel to an existing Notification policy or to a new Notification Policy

3. For the Root Policy click edit and set the Default contact point as OpsLevel

Add Notification Labels for the SLO Alert

Under the SLO Alert rules go to 4. Notifcations and set alias and event_type

  • alias → OpsLevel uses this to map to a service, this may be as simple as {{ $labels.instance }} but may be more complex depending on your labels.
  • event_type → metric_slo_alert, this is so OpsLevel can identify the alert.

Note: Do not use Classic Condition if you want to use $labels in the template, as this is not supported by Grafana