User Provisioning with SCIM

Provision users automatically from your identity provider to quickly build your catalog and keep your users fresh.

If your organization uses an Identity provider to manage your employees’ access to tools and services, you may be able to take advantage of your provider's “Provisioning” feature to automatically grant your users access to OpsLevel.

The provisioning integration between OpsLevel and your identity provider is built around an industry-standard protocol known as SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). This guide will outline OpsLevel's support for SCIM. For more details on configuring Provisioning for specific tools, check out our specific guides:


The following provisioning features are supported by OpsLevel today:

  • Push Users: Users in your identity provider that are assigned to the OpsLevel application are automatically added as users in OpsLevel
  • Update User Attributes: When user attributes are updated in the identity provider, they will be updated in OpsLevel.
  • Deactivate Users: When users are deactivated in the identity provider, they will be set to ‘Deactivated’ within OpsLevel – which prevents the user from logging into OpsLevel.


SCIM-based user provisioning is available to all customers of OpsLevel at this time.

SCIM Details

OpsLevel supports the SCIM v2 User provisioning operations.


Can SCIM manage users manually provisioned in OpsLevel?

Yes, once the SCIM tool is integrated with OpsLevel, it can also take over activating/deactivating manually provisioned users if it has a record of the user.