GitHub + Self Hosted OpsLevel

If you use GitHub Cloud and would like to use the GitHub integration within your self hosted OpsLevel application you will need to create your own GitHub App.

Create a GitHub App

To create a GitHub App follow these instructions. Then provide the configuration options which can be found on the settings page of the created GitHub App.

Post Installation Settings

The Setup URL should be set to <Self-Hosted OpsLevel Domain>/integrations/github/finish_setup

Webhook Settings

Webhooks should be Active for the application.

  1. The Webhook URL should be set to <Self-Hosted OpsLevel Domain>/integrations/github/webhook
  2. The Webhook Secret should be copied to be used the Configuration settings in Replicated for Github Cloud
  3. SSL Verification should be enabled.

You can refer to the image below as a reference for Post Installation and Webhook settings:

Permissions Settings

OpsLevel expects the following Repository Permissions:

  • Administration: Read and Write
  • Checks: Read and Write
  • Contents: Read and Write
  • Metadata: Read Only
  • Pull Requests: Read and Write

Subscriptions Settings

OpsLevel also needs the following Subscriptions:

  • Pull Requests
  • Push
  • Repository

You can refer to the image below to view the required settings in the GitHub configuration page: