GraphQL + Self Hosted OpsLevel

Once you have completed the installation and the application is running there are many ways to interact with it. One such way is through our GraphQL API. We have many tools that are built on top of our GraphQL API such as our CLI, Terraform Provider, Kubernetes Sync and if you need something a bit more low level you can even use our client library opslevel-go. You can also use an in browser graphical interface to experiment with the API at the endpoint /graphiql -

Each of these tools by default is configured to talk to software-as-a-service GraphQL API -

Each of these tools has way to override this default usually in the form of an environment variable OPSLEVEL_API_URL or a command line flat \--api-url. The following are examples for each.


opslevel --api-url= list services

Kubernetes Sync

kubectl opslevel --api-url= service preview

Terraform Provider

provider "opslevel" {
  api_url = ""