A two way integration–pull service info directly into Slack using a slash command and ensure OpsLevel has accurate team membership and Slack channel info

With the OpsLevel integration for Slack, you can have all of your OpsLevel service info right at your fingertips, making it easy to query for service info and collaborate with others while solving operational problems. Simply run our new /opslevel Slack commands to search for services and bring the context you need directly into your chatops workflow.

Slack Show With Command

Installing the integration

To set up the OpsLevel integration for Slack, visit our Integrations tab and select “New Integration”, followed by Slack. Note that if you don’t have any integrations, you’ll be directly shown the page below:

New Integration

Click “+ Add Integration” on Slack and you’ll see an authorization page similar to:

Slack Authorization

Once you authorize OpsLevel to access your Slack workspace, you’ll be redirected to a page that looks like:

Slack Auth Successful

After you’ve successfully installed the OpsLevel App for Slack, you’ll be set to start searching for services right from Slack.

Searching for a service

To search for a service in Slack, you can type the following in any workspace:

/opslevel search < anything >

You’ll receive a reply from OpsLevel that looks like:

Slack Search Results

OpsLevel will intelligently search and rank results for a service across a variety of fields including its name, description, product, language, framework, and more. You can type nearly anything as a search query and OpsLevel will do its best to find the services you’re looking for.

The search results will show you the name and description of all the services matching the query. You can click the Show Details button to see a full breakdown of information about a service:

Slack Show Button Results

From here, you can see additional context about a service including its Operations Center links, contact methods for the team that owns the service and metadata about the service.

Showing details for a service

If you know the name of a service, you can also show details for that service directly by typing the following in Slack:

/opslevel show 

You’ll receive a reply from OpsLevel that looks the same as clicking “Show Details” from search results:

Slack Show Results

Update contact info in OpsLevel

Once the integration is configured it makes quickly accessing your existing Slack channel names simple. Create or update team contact information in OpsLevel with zero friction–and no risk of typos.

Available Slack channels

Confirm functional team membership

The Slack integration will also drive updated team membership through automated Slack reminders to end users who are not yet members of a team in OpsLevel. The notifications will prompt users to add themselves to the appropriate team. These are one-time notifications that get sent after a user logs in to OpsLevel for the first time.

A Slack message to add yousrelf to a team in OpsLevel

Learn More

For details on how OpsLevel handles your data, please review our privacy policy.

If you have any questions or are interested in trying out OpsLevel, hit us up at [email protected].