Property Definitions

To get started with Custom Properties you’ll first need to define which properties you wish to track on a service. This can be done by using the navigational menu Settings > Property Definitions.

Property Definition menu location

From here you can select New Property to define define a new Custom Service Property.

Property Definition's landing page

Custom Service Properties contain four pieces of information:

  1. Name: the name of the property which will show as a label within the service UI.
  2. Description: Helper text that will appear as a tooltip next to the property label.
  3. Property Schema: The schema used to dictate the shape of the data you wish to track.
  4. Display Status: Whether this property should be displayed in the service UI. Hiding the property is recommended when tracking machine style data used in checks/filtering but is not pertinent for service owners to see. Note: a hidden property can still be modified via the API.
Property Definition create form

Tooling Support (optional)

Property Definitions can also be managed through the OpsLevel tool chain, including: Terraform, opslevel-cli, GraphQL and the opslevel-go client. Please refer to the respective tool to get started managing Property Definitions through automation.