Prisma Cloud Integration

Add Prisma Cloud Alert checks to your Service Maturity rubric.

Add a Prisma Cloud Integration

  1. In the OpsLevel app, Click Integrations in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the + New Integration button.
  3. Click the Prisma Cloud tile to add the integration.

Create a Check

1. Navigate to the Rubrics sub menu under the Service Maturity menu in OpsLevel.

2. Hover over the cell that corresponds to the level and category you want your check to live in and click the + Add Check button.

3. Create a Prisma Cloud check.

Configure Prisma Cloud to Send OpsLevel a Payload

For reference, see the Prisma Cloud Docs for setting up webhooks: Prisma Cloud Docs.

Create a Webhook Integration

Note: You will need the Webhook URL from the Prism Cloud integration you added to OpsLevel in Step 3.

  1. Log in to Prisma Cloud and select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Add Integration > Webhook.
  3. Enter Integration Name and click Copy URL above to use as your Webhook URL.
  4. The webhook payload and headers can be customized.
  5. No HTTP auth headers are required. The webhook UUID is used to authenticate the payload.
  6. Customize the webhook body for your use case. We've provided examples for compliance issues and vulnerabilities below, but you can see your customization options by reviewing Prisma Cloud's Webhook Documentation.

For Compliance Issues:

{ "type":#type, "host":#host, "details":#message "complianceIssues":#complianceIssues }

For Vulnerabilities:

{ "type":#type, "host":#host, "details":#message "vulnerabilities":#vulnerabilities }

Add the Webhook to an Alert

  1. Once the webhook has been saved, it can now be added to an Alert. See Prisma Cloud's Alert Documenation for more details.


Once both OpsLevel and Prisma Cloud are configured, you can review alerts that are sent from within Prisma Cloud